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#1322 Plugins for FFDEC
Author: user capasha
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Type: feature
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State: upgraded Help

I want to make my own things for FFDEC. And if there are possible to use plugins. It would make me do other things. Take obfuscated files as an example. It doesn't fix obfuscated classes, variables and such things. If I only could make a plugin so I can fix that self. And share the plugin too if other people want to use it. Right now I'm stuck in an obfuscated code. If I only could create my own plugin to deobfuscate it. It would be gold.
It is possible to write plugins, but this feature is not really documentetd:) Check the SWFDecompilerListener interface. It has some methods which is called when you load the SWF file. Probably you need the actionListParsed "callback" for AS2 or the methodBodyParsed for AS3. Also have a avm2CodeRemoveTraps methos which is called on/after the deocbustaion (not really remember exaclty when) There is a sample plugin in this file: libsrc\plugins\src\ You have to put the compilet or non-compiled (java or class) to the plugins subfolder of the ffdec folder, or you can configure the plugin path in hte advanced settings. If you have any question, or you need another "callback" yout let me konw.
Some notes: - If you put the java file to the plugins folder probably you need the JDK on that machine where you want to use it. So it is better to compile the plugin when it is ready, using the source makes the plugin development easier. - Currently this interface is not a final one, so probably sometimes you need to update your plugin to be compatible with newer FFDec versions. (At least until we develop some plugin version system)
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So I need to download the sourcecode and then edit them in plugins? How can I choose which plugin I want to use?
Yes, the easiest way is getting the source code and add your plugins to the pluigins project. But it is not neccessary. It is enough to add ffdec_lib as a reference (Java Sources Classpath) and implement the SWFDecompilerListener interface in your class. I dont't understand your 2nd question. There is only 1 interface, you have to use that one.