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#1351 Replace pcode command line using method name
Author: user sarcova
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Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
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State: new Help

Hi, I need to replace the specific pcode of a method inside my swf in an autonomous way. I am aware this is already possible with the -replace command. The problem with this approach in my case is that there are multiple versions of my swf which I need to patch and I can't know the method index id beforehand. I do, however, know the name of the method. Could you please add method name as an option for the -replace command or provide a way to get that method index id using command line ? Thanks, Arthur
You can export your target swf as a p-code. Making edits on your method. Then, inject the script back and re-render a new swf. In an autonomous way, it would be like ---------------------- // export all scripts as P-code java -jar ffdec.jar -format script:pcode -export script /source target.swf // processing source file. In this case, inject your p-code with your script and save it cat /source/scripts/some-class.pcode | > /source/scripts/some-class.pcode // inject exported modified scripts back to the original swf java -jar ffdec.jar -importScript target.swf out.swf /source ---------------------- In order to use -importScript, you have to let JPEXS know where the Flex SDK path is. Flex SDK can be download on Adobe site Download and extract. Then, launch JPEX. Go to "Settings" -> "Advanced Settings" -> "Paths" -> on "4) Flex SDK directory path" point it to your flex sdk directory
Thanks for this method but it had lots of constraints in my case :(. I forked the sources and edited the "-replace" command to suit my needs. If anyone ends up here and need a solution :