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#1356 Debugger internet access
Author: user mrSWF
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Type: question
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State: new Help

Hello. I'm trying to debug some swf file, and get errors like this when it trying connect to internet: trace: *** Security Sandbox Violation *** trace: Connection to http://*****.com/*****.php halted - not permitted from file:///var/folders/_y/vh5vzznj6t3dy2bfjlpxxnwm0000gn/T/ffdec_debug_6537816951313334897.sw f trace: -- Untrusted local SWFs may not contact the Internet. How can i resolve it and configure debugger to get internet access?
Anyone? I still can't figure out how to resolve it. :(
Flash does not permit any HTTP request to any other site except on where it hosted. To resolve, you have to put crossdomain.xml on the origin server and input your target url there. More info l The workaround is that you have to create the local server that sends HTTP request to your target file instead of the flash itself. Then, in swf, point the request to your server (in this case If you are debugging swf as a stanalone flash, you still have to put crossdomain.xml on your local server.