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#1360 Local register postincrement, decrement precedence
Author: user Daniel
Date created:
Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to:
Labels: AS3Decompilation
State: closed Help

Please see attached SWFs
Download661.swf (2,597 KiB)Download3042.swf (477 KiB)
I'll copy the task summary here from the Word file: 1. The Solve method of the Box2D.Dynamics.b2World class in 661.swf decompile error; _loc8_[_loc15_] = _loc9_; _loc15_ variables of this line are not declared. The correct decompile should be _loc8_[_loc10_++] = _loc9_ 2. In 3042.swf, The class bits method decompile error: Return _loc2_ & 1 "Param1 - 1; there is a problem with precedence of operator in this line. The correct statement should be: Return _loc2_ & (1 << Param1) - 1; Because the operator of << has a lower priority than the operator precedence of - , Both problems are solved in nightly version 1790.
State: new→upgraded
Title: Update #1358 Part 2→Local register postincrement, decrement precedence
State: upgraded→closed