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#1361 How do I get working .as files (AS3) from a 2009 game
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I am talking about this game THE FOLLOWING LINK IS A DIRECT DOWNLOAD, BEWARE! cache [dot] armorgames [dot] com/files/games/colony-4264.swf?v=1480641492 Hi dear JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler Community, First of all, thank you for your work. We're players of an old multiplayer game, Colony, and our goal is to download said game, decompile it to .fla and change some scripts, and export it back to .swf. In short, we would like to mod the game for ourselves (squish some bugs, touch on the balance & metagame). It's a tiny flash game, just about 10 MB in size and with a very small active community. Would our goal be technically possible? I do not manage to get the .as files in a non-obfuscated version. I thank everyone explaining deobfuscation in JPEXS and/or telling whether our goal would be technically possible. Have a nice weekend!
First of all, I'm very interested in this game if you have a discord please send it to me for sure I wouldn't 100% recommend JPEXS decomp to get .as scripts if they are as3 scripts per se. I would recommend looking into AS3Sorcerer to see the decompiled code for more accurate to source code Also if you want to decompile it to .fla (if u want to open it in adobe animate) you should use Trillix or Sothink (LHG#7552 is my Discord link if you want the application)