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Please i've a list of .swf files... when i export images (extract images from them) => Every image is in the folder of the name of the swf file : for example : 1.swf/1.png ... 2.swf/1.png ... etc what i want is : Renaming and enumerating ALL the images in ONE FOLDER like this : FOLDER/1.png (of 1.swf) FOLDER/2.png (of the 2.swf) FOLDER/3.png (image of 3.swf) .... etc etc etc
This is not a bug. I think the 1.swf/1.png, 2.swf/1.png, etc is correct. You should write your own script to move the images to one folder.
Yes yes , i was wondering if there was an OPTION TO make all the images in 1 FOLDER ... like 1.png , 2.png , 3.png etc etc and not EACH FOLDERSWF/image ... like i said ... hmmm it will be nice if the versions that will comes ! will have this feature! ANY IDEA ABOUT Creating a good script and which language is best for that , ? remember the images are like this : FOLDERSWF/frames/1.png
Not a problem i'll find the solution 4 problem , i was just wondering if there's an option in the software that allows that . Thank you :) !