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#1365 Command -importScript should be able to pass Flex SDK path as another optional command line argument
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Type: feature
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By default, -importScript requires user to set flex SDK path. I would like to use command -importScript without having to lunch a GUI and set a path. I know that there is config.bin file that persist the configuration, but the file is a deflated Java object. It is not a plain text. I can't edit the config directly. It would be nice if I could parse the SDK path as another command line argument or have it read from environment variable. So that this command can run headlessly without necessity of GUI to set that config.
Is it ok for you to set the SDK path with a 2nd ffdec.bat call? (Actually it is the first call before the importscript) like: java -jar ffdec.jar -config flexSdkPath=xxxxx similar to the other config settings.
Ohh, sorry, 1 call will be engouh, because the current behavior is: "If no other parameters passed, configuration is saved. Otherwise it is used only once." So: java -jar ffdec.jar -config flexSdkPath=xxxxx sets the path and saves it for the further sessions. java -jar ffdec.jar -config flexSdkPath=xxxxx -importScript xxxx uses the setting for the current session only. I'll do this in the following days.
Thanks, honfika. Having them both is great. The first one we could even expand to accept other configurations similar to "git config". Useful for other commands that depends on some values in the config. Someday, we could configure JPEXS via command line!. Looking forward to this feature :).
Oh, looks like JPEXS has already allowed to configure on command line (-config), but no flexSDKPath yet.
Implemented in the latest nightly build. Use the following command to list all the available configuration setting: ffdec.bat -listConfigs Then you can use: ffdec.bat -config flexSdkPath=xxxxx,otherconfig=value... to set and save the config. Or: ffdec.bat -config flexSdkPath=xxxxx,otherconfig=value... other parameters, for example export to use the config setting for the current session only. (It is not saved) The config settings can not contain "=" or "," characters. It can contain spaces, but in this case the whole parameter should be in quotes. for example: ffdec.bat -config "flexSdkLocation=c:\Program Files\flex" I hope your flex path does not contain "=" or ","
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In the previous comment in some places I wrote flexSdkPath... the correct name is flexSdkLocation