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#1368 How do you use -replace in commandline?
Author: user Varq
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Type: question
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State: closed Help

I am looking to replace an ActionScript in a .swf with an .as file on hand, but I cannot figure out how to replace this file in the .swf for the life of me. For example, I uploaded a picture highlighting the file I want to replace. I want to replace it with a file called "", this is what I have right now in my command line. java -jar ffdec.jar -replace talkdatetest.swf talkdateupdate.swf scripts\frame_3\DoAction_2
Haha, after a little more Google searching and experimenting, I found out how. Here's what I have now, if it helps anyone. java -jar ffdec.jar -replace talkdatetest.swf talkdateupdate.swf "\frame 3\DoAction_2" You may close this issue as you wish.
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