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#1378 How to export pdf/gif/etc. with a transparent background?
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Hello, I recently downloaded this program, and it all works great, except for this one thing that I cant figure out. In the editor, the images all have a perfect transparent background, however, when I export anything, the images get a gray background to them. All png, gif, and everything else, look transparent in the editor, but when I export they get a gray background, no matter what I have tried. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks! :D
This is when trying to export the "DefineSprite" files.
As a workaround you can export it as png and convert with a 3rd party tool.
When exporting as a PNG, they still do not have the transparent background. However, I noticed that when I export from the "Image" files, they have the correct transparent background. Is there just something wrong with the DefineSprite files?
When you export the image there is no GIF or PDF option, only: - PNG/GIF/JPEG, which means the original format as it is in the SWF file - PNG, which supports transparency, and it should work - JPEG - BMP
I am having exactly the same problem. How can I export sprites to png with transparent background?
I found a way to export them, but it's a bit tedious compared to the usual method. if you open the DefineSprite file you want to export in JPEXS(it should say "SWF Preview Mode" at the top), there's a button in the bottom right with a camera on it. use that to take a snapshot of the Sprite, this saves it to your clipboard. Then open a photo editor such as GIMP or Photoshop and paste the image into it, you can save the image from there.
DownloadCapture.PNG (59 KiB)
Got the same problem when trying to export a DefineSprite to PNG. I tried the Gmjjr tips but it do not work (my photoshop past it with black Background) I decompile game file, so can't just take the image they are to different. Someone have an issue ?
I got the same issue, so I fixed it in the source code Here's the PR:
I accepted the PR with few changes. Now PNG/GIF exported sprites should be transparent. See nightly 1721.
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