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#1384 Some links on debugging, for the website too?
Author: user muhbytes
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1)some slides about debugging slides: Dynamic analysis of adobe flash files (derbycon 2015) Features FFDec!!! ;) Apparently most of the talk didnt get recorded due to technical difficulties, I didn't actually check. files-jacob-thompson The slides link to which has some more details. 2)I cant immediately tell what a lot of this is about but it seems to have plenty of references and looks possibly extremely useful -For-Fun-And-Profit.pdf there's a github page at I'm still in a bit of a research phase so I may link some more stuff in this thread later. Even if none of these links are deemed worthy to add to the links page, do you guys have anything interesting to share?
While attempting to fix #1382 I stumbled across a comment referencing 1), so I guess that's precisely what FFDec does :)