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#1388 help
Author: user TECHNIS
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Type: question
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State: new Help

Sir , I am a swf editor. I want to add new themes ( sounds) to a swf . Currently the swf has 45 themes I want to increase it to 50 or more so what I have to do . I edited some code s for that purpose but after I decompile it The themes in sound folder of swf file is still 45 not increasing Plz help
See here theme 45 I want to increase to 46 what to do any help please
Download1495603424600.jpg (4,559 KiB)
Sorry, you can't add new ScriptPack with FFDec.
Is there any way to add it other than ffdec plz
Plz reply honfika
I don't know.
THX HONFIKA R U THERE IN FACEBOOK PLZ GIVE UR FACEBOOK ID SO I CAN SENT U FB FRIEND REQUEST Man I know how to increase themes in auto action script of Swf file . But as u can see in the above pic I sent I cannot increase Or add new theme 46 in swf file other than theme 45 I want ur help In that plz help me ... or how can I do it god bless u
Plz reply
Sorry, I can't help you in this. With FFDec you can't add new ScriptPacks easily.
Is there any way to do it plz reply
You can Google other SWF/ABC editors. Maybe RABCDasm can help.
Thx dude I used the RABCDASM software but when increase script pack n decompile it .it does not appeared In the swf file... can u suggest any other swf decompiler for this work plz help plz suggest ... god bless u