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#1396 [BOUNTY] Add to FLA output
Author: user wwmikes
Date created:
Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to:
Labels: FLA export
State: opened Help

How much to add to FLA output: - Disassembled AS3 Frame Scripts - Disassembled Base Class names - Frame labels - Shared font names contact: admin at wildworks d0t c0m We will pay! :-)
In nightly 1855, framescripts should be exported correctly. Frame labels are there too. I don't know what you mean by Base Class names since all scripts are decompiled and scripts which have existing class file cannot have Base class settings according to what Flash professional says. Shared font names... I don't know exactly what you mean. Also, I don't need your payment. (It's probably too late, you don't even want it anymore, and I also do not accept any payments)
State: new→opened