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#1397 Import/add shapes
Author: user Katan025
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Type: question
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Hello I'm new in this field, so there's a lot stuff i'm clueless, pardon my ignorance. I'm working on frame by frame animation and i wanna implement that animation in an already existing swf file. Is it possible to add more elements to the shape list? Could i add my shapes as additional elements in sprite's frames? To be more specific, i want to add my own elements in order to enhace a specific swf. Thank you. PD: Sorry, no file to add, i just need answers.
Yes, it is possible. You can copy shapes from one SWF to another. Just open both SWFs. On the 2nd SWF right click to the shape you want to add to the first SWF, select copy or similar.
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You can also add the shape to a sprite. Right click to the sprite, add placeobject tag. But it is a little bit complicated and manual work.
Thanks for the quick response. Is it mandatory that both files must be swf format? What if i wanna add png images to the shape list? I somehow found out that it is possible to add more elements in frames, but it seems there's gotta be prevoiusly added shapes. Still working on that. Thank you very much Honfika, i'll use your tips.
Not afraid of manual work, i did the animation that way, old school technique.
You can add png, too.. In this case you should add DefineBitsX tag, and press the Replace image button / menu item.
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