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#1398 Keeps giving me the error massage "OutOfMemory error occurred. You are running 32bit Java on 64bit system. Please use 64bit Java." despite the fact that I do have a 64-bit java installed
Author: user JCrv
Date created:
Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to:
State: new Help

> What steps will reproduce the problem? Making a new update that fixes this problem > What version of the product are you using? V. 10.0.0, the version number is visible in the first screenshot I send you > Which operating system do you have? 64-bits, you can see that in the third screenshot I send you > Please provide any additional information below. If the problem is related to a SWF file, attach it here, otherwise we can't help you. I am trying to replace different music files with different songs, but I can`t do that beacuse the massage keeps popping up. Oddly enough though, it doesn`t always happen, sometimes I am able to replace the music and it works perfectly, but then other times that massage pops up and prevents me from doing it, I really don`t understand why this is the case.
DownloadERROR.png (129 KiB)DownloadERROR2.png (117 KiB)DownloadERROR3.png (87 KiB)
The error message should be fixed in the latest nightly. Check issue #1340 and #1341. And please try the latest nightly.
Thank you so much man! I really hope it works! And sorry if I was rude with my first massage on the guestbook, I was just feeling very frustrated...