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#14 DoABC combobox sorting
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Type: feature
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I saw that when I open big file that contains only classes the list in combobox wasn't sorted and it was pain in ass to find at least one class that I wanted to edit, so I checked ur code and I came up with sorted list =3 <-- com.jpexs.asdec.tags.DoABCTag change: public class DoABCTag extends Tag { to: public class DoABCTag extends Tag implements Comparable<DoABCTag> { in same class add this function: public int compareTo(DoABCTag n) { int lastCmp = name.compareTo(; return (lastCmp != 0 ? lastCmp : name.compareTo(; } --> ============================== <-- change: public ABCComboBoxModel(List<DoABCTag> list) { this.list = list; } to: public ABCComboBoxModel(List<DoABCTag> list) { this.list = list; Collections.sort(this.list); } --> That's all ;3 also class search function would be awesome ;D and I was wondering why did you put "DoABC (NAME)" instead of just "NAME"?
The combobox lists all DoABC Tags present in the SWF file in order which they come in the file. Some compilers (maybe bases on configuration, I don't exactly know why) put each class in the separate DoABC tag and they set DoABC name to name of the class. I know the list is not very useful this way, I will think about some kind of sorting.
Hi, In version 1.1.0, the list is sorted and even better - you can select " -all- " item which will merge all DoABC tags in one tree.
Wow, thank you so much! <3333 About the -all- feature, is it possible to make it possible to save it like that? (all DoABC tags merged) Hmm I'll make an issue on that ;)
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Title: DoABC combobox sorting→DoABC combobox sorting
Type: →feature
Visibility: →Everybody