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#1421 Internal error when trying to click 'Save' in the 'Edit Actionscript' panel
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Type: bug
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I can not edit an SWF file that has been already altered by someone else in the past (Also using JPEXS, unfortunately i don't know which version they were using). As the title suggests, nothing happens in the GUI and i just get an error in the console instead. P-Code editing works totally fine though, this program is amazing! :) STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Open the attached 'healthmeter_modified_cannotsave.swf' in JPEXS and try to edit the actionscript, you will get an error in the console when you click 'Save' VERSION INFORMATION Windows 10 (OS Build 15063.502) Happens in both JPEXS 10.0.0 and 10.0.0_nightly1655, the error is the same, line numbers are just different in the stack trace. I attached a .zip file containing the stack trace from both 10.0.0 and the nightly build, and both the original SWF from the game, and the one that i can not save.
I wasn't sure on how to upload multiple files, so i zipped them up, i hope that is okay!
I should probably mention that this file is from the game 'Trove' and that they use 'Iggy' for their UI, just incase.
I found out what the issue is! Whoever made the changes to the file didn't start using setlocal/getlocal at index 1 I changed all functions where that is the case (onEnterFrame and timerHandler). Now actionscript editing works again!
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