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#1422 change shape
Author: user ZeroX4
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Type: question
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im totally green here but i hope someone help/guide me here with problem i encounter in short of it in MMO called trove we are able to make small mods and most of them uses .swf files i am able to change any image i want to whatever i want but for some when it comes to HP and ENERGY circles we have on hotbar which is build from filled,empty,frame and outline image only the outline image is able to have square shape of image rest is is locked in circle shape here is my post on trove forums requesting help with same exact problem but seems no 1 there knows the answer &p=770991#post770991 thing is if you look at the image you will see - 2 orbs (left one is HP right one is energy) - i have zero energy so you see empty image on the right - but you will see that my hp is filling up on the left image - the golden frame (which is squared shape i explain how below) - and what should be black outline around square shaped gold frame - but i bypass that just by changing black outline image into gold square frame with outline in one image cause gold frame image is also circle shape locked now reason for that is better shown here as you can see on the top image on my left circle (hp circle) on top of red hp image is little line image which serve as transition and whole idea of that images are locked in circle shape is to that single line dont extends image of circles itself and so here is my question can anyone teach me how or just do it by him self and upload it somewhere so that it wont be locked as circle but let me draw anything beside the circle shape images? yes the image from the first link have square images of everything and i was even wondering if i can copy (idk proper name) shape/dimensions of black outline to other images i just dont know how here is raw edit of that shapes 1st image is shape of image that in game is empty hp or energy image which is locked as circle 2nd image is the black outline shape which is not locked as circle and can be square image maybe answer to my problem is somewhere in this numbers anyway i will be more than happy for any kind of help ;)