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#1434 [Request]Help with an swf feature
Author: user ScurySnek
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Type: other
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State: ignored Help

Hello, I was making a mod to a client of a private server that I play on, called Pebo/Dream Realms. I wanted to add a button that made a player drop all their items when the button was clicked. I went to the and searched for Lock, a feature that is already included. I tried to instead of locking a player, I tried to implement a function called InvDrop, which was found somewhere else. I tried pasting the function from into the placer where the Lock function was, and replaced in.lock with in.InvDrop up above. Unfortuanatley, this did not work. I would appreciate any help someone could give, and the swf is downloaded at I will also attach the swf along. This is the virus scan if anyone needs it.
DownloadDreamRealms.swf (6,518 KiB)
Hi, as FFDec developers, we cannot help you modding any game, you can ask on some modding forums. Since nobody other answered your question, I will close it here, thanks for understanding.
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