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#1442 Can't load Iggy file.
Author: user masumi
Date created:
Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
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Labels: Iggy
State: opened Help

Hi. I'm modding recently released game 'ELEX'. That game seem to use Iggy middleware for font subsystem, and I did managed extract it. And then, open it file by jpex decompiler, but can't open it. I'm check it iggy header by binary editor, but it is seem to not corrept. Can you have a look at this? I'd attach that iggy file. Thanks.
DownloadFont.iggy (1,110 KiB)
Hi, Unfortunately, we cannot provide support for new versions of Iggy format anymore. Iggy format support that is included in FFDec is originally based on a C code from a moding site. That C code is pretty limited. We added a little more support based on investigation of Iggy format by some people I cooperated with some time ago, but we cannot provide any warranty for it. We do not have access to any Iggy file format documentation and I can't even generate any Iggy file and try it (compared to SWF - where I can generate one with Flash IDE, and Adobe provides pretty useful docs).
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