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#1443 A question regarding command line replacement for a script
Author: user Madluv
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Type: question
Visibility: Everybody
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State: new Help

Thanks a lot for this amazing tool. I am trying to automate things for some .swf files. I want to replace the ActionScript or P-code on some frames. Though, I do not know how to this. On the first case, the structure of the frame I am trying to do is: Scripts -- frame 1 ---- DoAction ---- DoAction < The one I want to edit How do I edit that one? Is it possible? Also, I want to know how to completely remove one of the DoActions above. On the other case, it is like this: Scripts -- DefineSprite (1:spriteone) ---- Frame 1 ------ DoAction < I want to edit and/or delete this one. Thanks for your time.