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#1447 How i can open this file?
Author: user danteg9
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Type: question
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Labels: Broken SWFLZMA
State: closed Help

I tried all the internet programs and none could open a series of files that I extracted from a flash game. Does anyone know any way to extract the contents of these? I will leave an example of this "type" of files.
The file header has 'ZWS' signature which means its LZMA compressed. Later in the header, there should be LZMA properties to correctly decompress the file, but it seems that these LZMA properties are invalid = the decompiler is unable to decompress it. Maybe the SWF file you extracted this file from has some kind of code for extraction of this content ("loader"). I am afraid we can't help you. You can try FFDec feature "Open loaded SWF files while playing" - check the checkbox in Settings tab and then open original flash game in the decompiler and hit Run button (F6).
Ok, I'm going to try that. Thanks for the quick reply :D
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