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#1450 AS3 direct editation save Error
Author: user kevoting2
Date created:
Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
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Labels: AS3Direct Editation
State: new Help

Hello, i have issues when Save a AS3 obfuscated swf file I open a normal swf, I see a class and I give it to save without modifying anything, this happens:   (I need to add the import class but the class is in the same folder) second problem: i edit this: to this: Saves normally, and sends message "successfully saved code" *close the swf But i reOPEN the swf and this is my code and crash the swf:
Hello, 1) I am attaching the screenshots here so we do not depend on external site. 2) Direct editation of AS code is far from perfect, in fact, we recreated AS3 compiler here from scratch. I might investigate and take a look what's happenning right there in the code, but direct AS editation has currently low priority for us. 3) For small changes, you can use P-code editation (on the right side), it's the best place for changing small literals, strings for example.
Title: AS3 save Error→AS3 direct editation save Error
You must edit it in P-Code to work.