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#1451 invalid swf file, wrong signature.
Author: user nus2ss
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State: closed Help

Hi, I can not open the swf file below I got the error ' invalid swf file, wrong signature. ' One of the bie e book app's page.
Download13902.swf (5,492 KiB)
This is not an swf file, this is a ZIP file. Rename it to zip and uncompress it. It contains some *.mod files. Some of them are swfs.
Hi , I have same problem , this is very important for me I attached my files pls. I am waiting your help
Download20.swf (55 KiB)
gppserver3: this is not valid SWF file. It does not contain valid header. Seems like random data with .swf extension, or maybe some encrypted content. Look for a decryption routine somewhere first.
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