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#1453 SWFMOVIE file saving support
Author: user oven59
Date created:
Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
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Labels: GFXSwfMovie
State: postponed Help

JPEXS Flash Decompiler is able to open, edit and "save as" swfmovie files, but it is not able to save these files to original file using "save" option. Is it possible to implement that feature? I'm attaching example swfmovie files and printscreen to this request. Thanks. :)
Hi, files with extension ".SwfMovie" are unknown to JPEXS. JPEXS can edit(save) files with extension ".swf",".swc",".gfx",".iggy". The files you provided are probably from a game that uses some internal format of binary files, that contain GFX data inside them. FFDec can display these GFX data(using binary search feature), but cannot save(edit) them since it does not know how the binary structure of the original file look like. If you know any good online source for the documentation of ".SwfMovie" extension, you can give it to us and we might implement some support for if. Without the docs, we can't help you. Thanks for your understanding.
I may have some info for you. These files are from game "Deadpool: The Video Game". This game is created on unreal engine and swfmovie files have been extracted using Unreal Package Extractor ( from UPK file (extension ".xxx" in this particular case) As for file structure, swfmovie are just normal gfx files with additional header (148 bytes) and footer(80 bytes, I think). These are just information for unreal engine, what contains this entry in UPK archive - in this case GFX file. So basically this feature could be implemented to edit just GFX file without editing header and footer. :)
Is there any progress on this? I was gonna ask you the same thing which has being used for Thief 4 as well.
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