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#1455 Editing SWF Made By SWF Players Like Instant Demo
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Type: feature
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Greetings, I really like JPEXS and I truly appreciate the amount of work made by the developers and their continuous development of this great program. Idk if my issue is a request for a feature or not (i hope it's not). Th thing is, I have plenty of SWF files 'tutorials' made by Instant Demo, And what I Only want is to edit the text in these SWF files to translate them. the only capable SWF decompiler to read these texts is "Sothink SWF Decompiler". But the problem is that it reads the text many times. so my question is, Can the developers look at these SWF or tell me if JPEXs is capable of doing so? P.S. I also noticed that these files can be extracted by 7-zip and gets another swf file Attached is, a sample of these files. Thanks,