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#1462 Text Replace implemented? Also , cache warnings query
Author: user notapro
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Type: question
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State: opened Help

Love the program. Light years above other tools. Actually prefer version 7.12, but have played with v9 & v10. Haven't tried v11 yet. Query 1: Am translating AS2.0 scripts written with Kanji(Japanese) variable names to English. Big task, would be much easier if could do global search & replace. Is it functional? Am I missing something? Query 2: When using versions newer than v7.12, displaying frames & sprites load up error cache with warnings about slow render times. That's an issue with my hardware. Any way to set error cache warning levels?
In current version (couple versions back), the warnings about slow rendering are optional (default off). Search and replace in the scripts is unfortunately not implemented yet.
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