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#1474 Decompiled output is somewhat confusing
Author: user DoomTay
Date created:
Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to:
Labels: AS3Obfuscated
State: closed Help

I wanted to dig into a Flash-based manga viewer that displays pages based on JSON data. Each page has a "page_number" that actually --I think-- determines how it will be viewed in the viewer. I hoped to be able to dig into how that page_number is used, but it's harder than I thought. I'm kinda stumped as to where the code for this is. The following sample got me kinda close private function method_267(param1:Array) : void { var _loc4_:ScanVo = null; param1.sortOn("number",Array.NUMERIC); var _loc2_:ScanVo = param1[0]; if(_loc2_.first_page) { §§push(Number(_loc2_.first_page)); §§push(true); } else { §§push(Number(const_262)); } var _loc3_:Number = §§pop(); for each(_loc4_ in param1) { if(_loc4_.method_274 >= _loc3_) { _loc4_.model::first_page = _loc4_.method_274; if(_loc4_.is_spread && _loc4_.method_32 != class_190.const_4) { _loc4_.model::first_page = _loc4_.first_page + 1; } } else { _loc4_.model::first_page = _loc3_; §§push(true); } _loc3_ = _loc4_.first_page + _loc4_.method_53; } } But it seems that method isn't even used anywhere. I thought tracing the functions of left/right button would get me somewhere, but I don't even know where to begin there. I don't know if it's because things are a little obfuscated or I'm just not as good at reading ActionScript as I thought. In addition to §§push and §§pop, there are also instances of "true" with properties.
I don't know whether it's still related as flash is gone, but this seems to be fixed in current nightly (1784).
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