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#1478 Reading header via command line
Author: user jtvjan
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Type: question
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State: closed Help

Hello. Is it possible to view the header using a command line switch? More specifically, I would like to be able to see the FPS. I can see it in the GUI, but I do not see a way to view it using the command line.
Try this: ffdec.bat -info my.swf it outputs the following: [swf] file=my.swf fileSize=123 version=10 compression=ZLIB gfx=false width=800 height=600 frameCount=1 frameRate=14 backgroundColor=#ffffff [tags] tagCount=23 hasEndTag=true characterCount=9 maxCharacterId=21 [attributes] actionScript3=false hasMetadata=true noCrossDomainCache=false useDirectBlit=false useGPU=false useNetwork=false [as2] scriptsCount=1 [as3] ABCtagCount=0 packsCount=0 documentClass=
That worked! Thank you. This issue can be closed.
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