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#1491 Save AS edit with a problem?
Author: user Hamrhed
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Type: question
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Can you save an edit to ActionScript while it has some sort of problem? FFDec (JPEXS) says that there's a problem with the code (error image linked) but the SWF works fine. I want to edit it but I can't with the error screen. Any way I can? If not with FFDec, then is there another free program I could use to edit actionscript inside of a decompiled SWF?
Downloaderror.png (5 KiB)
Direct editation of ActionScript in FFDec is experimental and it fails in many cases. You can use P-code editation (on the right panel), which is pretty stable. I don't know about any software which can directly edit Actionscript in SWF file. For P-code editation, you can use Flasm (AS1/2) or RABCDAsm (AS3).
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I am closing this. If you want us to fix the direct editation, you can add new issue and attach sample SWF file.
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