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#15 Inline functions as AVM instructions
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Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
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Hi, it is a very nice program. Much better than anything I tried before :) Is there any way to show the AVM code of inline functions instead of 'newfunction 9270'? Their source is shown as AS code, but without the AVM representation. It would be nice to jump to the source of the function by clicking on 'newfunction 9270', for example :) The AS code is (just a sample, not an actual part of the source) some_var=new SomeClass(new function(): someType { return something; } ); Thank you for your work.
Sorry, by 'inline' I meant 'anonymous' functions.
I have made some changes, it is in the repository. You can now click the body of anonymous function and it opens the method. Note: There is still a little problem with newactivation instructions so it is not decompiled properly
State: →closed
Title: Inline functions as AVM instructions→Inline functions as AVM instructions
Type: →bug
Visibility: →Everybody