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#1519 How to change/add a sound name?
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Hello everyone. It has been a while since I begun modifying a flash game with this software. Everything is going perfectly fine. However, I now need to manipulate with sound files. I figured out how to change them since it's far from being the hardest thing to do with the software and how to add new DefineSoundTag. Those DefineSoundTag appears in the sounds folder of the decompiler as expected, shortened in DefineSound, like the first sounds that were already in the game. The sounds that were originaly there even have their own little "nicknames" (I'll put it like that) which are probably used in the scripts seeing their coding. So basically, I would like to know if there's a way to change the sounds' nicknames? There should be a swf file attached. If you check it in the sounds folder, you'll see the nicknames by yourselves ^^ There also are 2 sounds without nicknames, which are 2 sounds I managed to import. My final goal is to make sure they have their own names. Sorry for my English btw, trying my best to make it understandable since it's not my native language ^^
Downloadtest.swf (19,969 KiB)
How did you manage to import the sounds? I'm still struggling to do that
To the original poster: Sound names can be changed using SymbolClass tag. You can find it in "others" section. SymbolClass assigns character id (sound id in this case) to a name. To boingk: Sound import in FFDec can be done by adding DefineSound tag (right click sounds - Add tag - DefineSoundTag), then right clicking the new DefineSound and selecting "Replace" and then selecting appropriate MP3 or WAV file from disk.
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