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#1529 -selectid does not work on sprites and buttons
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Type: bug
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I don't know what's the name of it, but in file below have an example. I need get svg file using this reference in command line, it's possible? I'm using this command: java -jar ffdec.jar -format sprite:svg -export sprite "C:\decompile" 1032.swf I have several files to do this, and I only need file from "AnimStatique_1". But, each of them have an different ID for AnimStatique_1. Get all file is consuming to much time of my process :(
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My command now: java -jar ffdec.jar -selectid AnimStatique_1 -format sprite:svg -export "/decompile" 1032.swf I tryed with -selectid but showed this erro below. As I undertand -selectid requires a range of number to run and I need get file by string
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Sorry I wrote the bad command ... I tried again with this but the same error was shown java -jar ffdec.jar -selectid AnimStatique_1 -format sprite:svg -export sprite "\decompile" 1032.swf
Getting by string is unsupported. As I see on the screenshot - the sprite has id of 49, so you can use -selectid 49
When I use -selectid 49 it extract all files, no only ID 49
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I tried to fix it but unfortunately I cannot compile it using current Java - it needs many additional changes to FFDec code which I am lazy to do.
Ha! Looks like I managed to switch the travis build engine back to Java 8. You can try new nightly build - 1722. -selectid option should now work on sprites and buttons too. (use -selectid 49)
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Title: How can i get an svg file by specific id tag→-selectid does not work on sprites and buttons
Type: question→bug
It's work now :) thank you so much!!
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