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#1535 Interpreting XFL
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I can't seem to find any documentation for this XFL format. Can anybody point me to some? I'm specifically trying to interpret the following XML. I believe that this plays a clip of the overall sound file. I'm interested in the beginning and end offsets, the relative or absolute volume of the sound, and whether it fades in or out. If I can export more information from an SWF using a different format, let me know. I think inPoint44 and outPoint44 corresponds to the beginning and end offsets, but don't know how to convert the values provided to milliseconds. <DOMFrame index="0" duration="8" keyMode="9728" soundName="sound431.mp3" inPoint44="24900" outPoint44="86000" soundSync="start" soundEffect="custom"> <SoundEnvelope> <SoundEnvelopePoint mark44="0" level0="0" level1="0"/> <SoundEnvelopePoint mark44="7500" level0="10037" level1="9742"/> </SoundEnvelope> <elements/> </DOMFrame>
Ok, I think I have a guess on how to convert inPoint44/outPoint44 to milliseconds. I think the 44 stands for 44kHz and the values are samples. So: Start offset: 24900 / 44000 * 1000 = ~566ms End offset: 86000 / 44000 * 1000 = ~1954ms That roughly meets my expectations for the offsets. But what are SoundEnvelopePoint, mark44, and level0/level1 trying to convey?
I didn't realize that the XML format wasn't actually XFL, but rather an XML approximation of the SWF format. I stumbled upon this very helpful documentation: