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#1536 How to import a font into an SWF
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I am modding the font for the Mass Effect UI. I have exported the font objects from the game files in the form of SWFs. Using JPEX, I exported the fonts from the SWFs as TTF files, and used FontForge to add some custom characters. Now I have a modded TTF file, but I can't find any way to replace the font in the original SWF. I saw some older messages regarding this, but the instructions were not very clear, and I couldn't figure out how to import the characters after adding a tag to the Font folder in JPEX. Any help will be appreciated.
Solved my own problem: there is an Embed button in the bottom right corner of the JPEX UI when a Font class object is selected. Another solution is to find an old copy of Adobe Flash CS6 and Autodesk Scaleform, then export the SWF as an FLA, and work on the FLA in FLash with the Scaleform plugins.