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#154 AS3 Decompilation Issues / Obfuscated code
Author: user focus
Date created:
Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
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Labels: AS3Broken SWF
State: invalid Help

Hey, take a look at the attached file please. I got this errors in class 4!&.b2Body: /* * Decompilation error * Code may be obfuscated * Error Message: Phase 2 visited again:loop(id:3,continue:255-257 p/16:0/38:0/55:0/59:0/63:0/67:0/79:0/165:0/181:0, break:213-213 p/16:0/38:0/55:0/59:0/63:0/67:0/79:0/165:0/181:0/256:0/260:1/205:0/209:1/211:1, phase:2) */ /* * Decompilation error * Code may be obfuscated * Error Message: Phase 2 visited again:loop(id:0,continue:111-111 p, break:103-103 p/101:1, phase:2) */ etc. And this weird decompilation results in method >#: Most likely some obfuscation trash here. I think file was protected with SecureSWF v.3.6
DownloadSWF_SR1.swf (1,223 KiB)
Please add all files (images too) here directly nexttime. Other servers may be unavailable in the future. Thank you.
DownloadvM5gfmF.png (49 KiB)DownloadXEXnj1f.png (33 KiB)
Ah, sure, sorry!
Title: AS3 Decompilation Issues→AS3 Decompilation Issues / Obfuscated code
The file contains many errors, like: getlocal_0 pushscope findpropstrict m[2901]"*.createBlocksFromString" callproperty m[2901]"*.createBlocksFromString" 1 //EmptyStack here - requests at least 2 items And it even does not pass Flash Player Verification process, I am getting "VerifyError: Error #1030: Stack depth is unbalanced. 3 != 4." Are you sure this file works somewhere?
Hmmm.. looks like this file is not working at all, you're right, this is not an issue anymore.
State: new→invalid