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#1541 Export deobfuscated XML
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I've used JPEXS to export the XML for an AS1 SWF. Then, I used JavaScript to read the XML and render animations. But when I attempt to execute the "actionBytes", I keep jumping out of the tag (it jumps to a point slightly before the action bytes start). I have compared my efforts with your rendering of the code and am able to trace similar paths through the action bytes, but at the point I jump out of the tag, you managed to keep going with code that I am unable to find anywhere in the XML. I don't know if the XML is somehow missing code or if I simply lack an understanding of how to interpret it fully, but I'm currently exploring whether I can export the XML with the same deobfuscated code that I can find in the app. Like, am I able to resave a deobfuscated SWF and then export XML from it? The CLI seems to only export deobfuscating AS3, but the app seems to do a good job deobfuscating the scripts.
This is a bit of a non sequitur, but I think I solved the mystery of why the action code jumps slightly before the tag. It is because the tag is preceded by a tag with an unknown code. I think this is an obfuscation trick where code is hidden in an invalid tag, but still executable by jumping out of the action tag and into the invalid tag. I see the invalid tags in the XML with a type of "TagStub" (actionCode: 0xFD). But the XML does not include the content of the invalid tag. So, the XML does seem to be missing content, which explains why I can't find everything that I'm looking for. But this discovery won't matter if I can find an easy way to deobfuscate the SWF and re-export it to XML so that I can process the cleaned code. This is the nature of my question.