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#1541 Unknown tags XML import/export, deobfuscate whole AS1/2 file
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I've used JPEXS to export the XML for an AS1 SWF. Then, I used JavaScript to read the XML and render animations. But when I attempt to execute the "actionBytes", I keep jumping out of the tag (it jumps to a point slightly before the action bytes start). I have compared my efforts with your rendering of the code and am able to trace similar paths through the action bytes, but at the point I jump out of the tag, you managed to keep going with code that I am unable to find anywhere in the XML. I don't know if the XML is somehow missing code or if I simply lack an understanding of how to interpret it fully, but I'm currently exploring whether I can export the XML with the same deobfuscated code that I can find in the app. Like, am I able to resave a deobfuscated SWF and then export XML from it? The CLI seems to only export deobfuscating AS3, but the app seems to do a good job deobfuscating the scripts.
This is a bit of a non sequitur, but I think I solved the mystery of why the action code jumps slightly before the tag. It is because the tag is preceded by a tag with an unknown code. I think this is an obfuscation trick where code is hidden in an invalid tag, but still executable by jumping out of the action tag and into the invalid tag. I see the invalid tags in the XML with a type of "TagStub" (actionCode: 0xFD). But the XML does not include the content of the invalid tag. So, the XML does seem to be missing content, which explains why I can't find everything that I'm looking for. But this discovery won't matter if I can find an easy way to deobfuscate the SWF and re-export it to XML so that I can process the cleaned code. This is the nature of my question.
Unknown tags XML import/export was fixed in nightly 1877. Now its binary data is exported/imported. Deobfuscation of AS1/2 of the whole file is not yet available.
Title: Export deobfuscated XML→Unknown tags XML import/export, deobfuscate whole AS1/2 file
Thanks for that! Glad to see you're back on the job with lots of activity in the GitHub. Your XML exports were amazingly helpful for me to port an old flash game to WebGL with very high fidelity. A whole community that missed that long-abandoned game thanks you! I managed to get past this issue by painstakingly going into each obfuscated script in the app, deobfuscating it, and resaving/reexporting the XML. But it would be pretty cool to explore processing the obfuscated code directly now that I have that capability. There were places where deobfuscating the code did produce some glitches, however, which explains why whole file deobfuscation isn't supported yet. But it was close enough that I got the gist. Incredible work.