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#1554 I can't able to open the exported .bin file in raw form
Author: user Amish2
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Type: question
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Sir, I have decompiled a swf. It consists of many binary files approx 100, among them I can't able to read them, can you tell what is the best method to decode them. I'm adding the .bin file so that you can check it. I also tried to rename it to .swf but I failed to open it.... Please help me, I will be thankful to you forever.
DownloadDrawing.bin (190 KiB)DownloadSS.png (219 KiB)
Sorry, we can't help you. These are just binary files to us, we do not know its structure or how to decode them to someting useful. It does not have SWF structure, it might be some kind of encryption or someting, but we do not know the decryption routine - maybe it's inside the swf file you decompiled. Also, we do not provide any kind of assistance of decompiling your SWFs. The issue tracker should be mainly used for posting new features/bugs reporting or questions about the decompiler.
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Dear Sir I have exported it using the decompiler only, It is only giving the output like that, If you want then I can share the swf link, Please help me out so that I can work on it. As I saw, you helped a previous case related to file extension of binary, please help me out. By the way I have decompiled the SWF but I can't able to read the .bin file which I have exported using the decompiler sir.
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