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#1560 Error on compiling - $$goto is not available
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Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
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Labels: AS3DecompilationDirect Editation
State: closed Help

You can reproduce this issue if you go on Scripts-> I get this error: when I try to make any difference in the actionscript file. Even a single space in the middle of nowhere gives me this error when I try to save it. I use JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler v.11.2.0 and have windows 7 64bit. Any ideas?
Downloaddb.swf (4,609 KiB)
Check the warning on the top. The decompiled code contains §§ instructions, which means that FFDec was unable to decompile it property. And you are trying to compile this code.
And how can I make my JPEXS compile it properly?
As the message says, you can try Settings/Automatic deobfuscation, if it does not help, then you can fix it yourself by editing code. Editing ActionScript code directly is experimental in FFDec, you can't rely on it and we won't fix any issues regarding it.
But I can't edit the .as file since I cannot press the save button.
You can edit it. Try to fix the syntax errors and then you can save it. Or if you want to change only a small thing, i suggest you to use PCode editing.
The decompilation of this file is fixed in current version (13.x) - there's no §§goto. But I would not recommend editing the actionscript with "Edit Actionscript" button, it has many bugs. Use "Edit P-code", it is safer.
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