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#1561 Import font data (kerning, ascent, descent, etc.)
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Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
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Labels: Fonts
State: closed Help

Currently you can import only symbols, but fonts can contain metric data, that could be useful. This data can be read from already defined font, but couldn't be imported. It couldn't be also added when adding DefineFont3Tag. Currently missing: - fontAscent - fontDescent - fontLeading - fontAdvanceTable - fontBoundsTable - fontKerningTable
Hi, in version 14.1.0, you can select "Set ascent, descent and leading" checkbox in embed dialog and these values will be imported. Also kerning info is now imported from source fonts when available (The font must be available as TTF). Font bounds and fontAdvance was already imported before. This all won't work if the font has hasLayout flag set to false and already has some characters in it.
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