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#1570 Bad shape rendering in preview
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Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
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Labels: ShapesSVG
State: closed Help

I was making my own tool to convert SWF shapes to SVG based on your implementation: s/decompiler/flash/exporters/shape/ However, for some paths, ShapeExporterBase doesn't work correctly, or at least the result doesn't appear the same as in the Flash Player. The issue is described in more details on my StackOverflow question at, images included. The result you see from Inkscape appears exactly the same in the app, in shape preview. I'll attach the file in question here. I'm well aware this probably won't ever be fixed, I just wanted to inform you of it. I tried other tools/libraries that can convert SWF shapes to SVG and they all seem to have the exact same issue.
Downloadfile.swf (185 B)
I think I got this. Some of the edges have fillStyle0(left side) where fillStyle1(right side) would be more applicable. In nightly version 1845, I try to add these reversed edges to path. I hope this change won't break anything. But from my little testing, it seems that it really fixes some shapes - like in the attachment. So try nightly 1845.
Download272_before.png (51 KiB)Download272_after.png (51 KiB)
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Here - simpler example of the problem. The lower edge of the square goes from right to left but has fillstyle0 set instead of fillStyle1.
Downloadnew.swf (82 B)
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