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#1595 Save search results
Author: user Kuroneko
Date created:
Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
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Labels: GUISearch
State: closed Help

It is possible to add saving searching results? It would be helpful when need to search for the same results in the same swf at different time
DownloadSearching.png (43 KiB)
Adding: Feature to saving search results with the possibility to load search results after reopen ffdec and open swf from which this results were saved*
This feature would have made working in ffdec a lot easier Thanks in advance
The way how I see this feature (with photoshoped screens): 1) Save button on left or right bottom corner of window with result 2) Load button near binocular 3)After load window with search results would appear
Hi, this was implemented in nightly 1822. There's no save button. All searches are automatically saved for later use and you can load them via dropdown on binoculars (It's saved per SWF). You can clear recent searches via settings menu. I think the save button would be redundant and it would probably not look so good in the GUI. Please let me know if you are satisfied.
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