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#1599 Swf preview not working in new versions ffdec
Author: user Kuroneko
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Type: question
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> What is the expected output? What do you see instead? On version 11.0.1 swf preview working good (screen 2), but in 12.x and 13.x versions of ffdec swf preview not playing and I see white screen (screen 1). But on my Windows 10 already installed flashplayer npapi and ppapi v20 (screen 3) + on %windir%\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash\ I have dll of flashplayer 32 (screen 4) Why in 12+ version swf preview not work (at least for me)? Maybe should I specify the path to flashplayer dll or something else? Sorry for stupid question and wrong type for issue if this is not bug and I simply not specify a path for fp dll, but in "paths" in "Advanced settings" I couldn't find how to specify flashplayer for preview screen Im not sure that it is a bug, but on 11.0.1 it works normally and on 12.0.1-.13.0.2 white screen( Thanks in advance for help
If you want to use FlashPlayer on 13.x, you must enable it in Advanced settings / others /(Deprecated) Use Adobe Flash player for preview of objects.
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All working, thanks for your advice
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