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#1605 P-code stack
Author: user Kuroneko
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Type: question
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Sorry for maybe stupid question, but... What does the p-code stack like? If say "push", "pop" and other opcodes that interact with stack, stack in ActionScript3 Byte-code Assembler its a similar like stack in real assembler or something other (imaginary picture of this stack for correct understanding about how it works, not technical specificity)? If its not difficult, can you send a most correct (as for you) picture with p-code stack, if you please? Something like this: Or this: But for p-code and p-code stack Its really important for me, so thanks in advance for answer
It's classic stack data structure as described in You push values into it and then you call other instructions which work with stack - they pop() needed arguments off stack and then push results. pushbyte 1 ; stack after: 1 pushbyte 5 ; stack after: 5, 1 add ; stack after: 1 + 5 setlocal 1 ; stack after: [empty] (1+5 is now stored in register 1) There's also scope stack in AS3 P-code for handling scope. (pushscope instruction)
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Thank you for your explanation, I've always wondered to know how "magic" word "stack" works in p-code, really thx a lot) Have a nice day
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