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#1635 How do I replace sprites with other images in my PC?
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Exactly that. I want to replace sprites from an already existing project with images from my computer. How can I do that? Thanks
It is a little complicated... Something like this: 1) Right click shapes / Add tag inside / DefineShape. Notice the shape id (in parenthesis). 2) Right click the new DefineShape / Replace .. update bounds. 3) Select image from disk. 4) To insert image to sprite, goto DefineSprite frame / Add tag inside / PlaceObject 2 5) Select the PlaceObject 2 and hit Edit button on the bottom. Click "placeFlagHasCharacter" on the right tree, set it checked. then click somewhere else. New "characterId" node should appear. Click it and set it to DefineShape id added in step 1. Set "depth" value to 1 or higher. 6) Hit Save button on the bottom. 7) Repeat
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