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#1673 Can't extract all scripts after version 14.1.0
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Type: bug
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I have not updated JPEXS FFD for about a month or so as I was having no issues and saw no need to update. I updated today and was unable to use it for what I normally use it for. I disabled Parallel SpeedUp and configured it to export all scripts/texts to a single file. However the latest releases do not appear to extract all of the scripts. I started from the latest version and downgraded until I was able to use the tool as I have been doing since the fixes in early February, and version 14.1.0 is the latest version I can use. It exported scripts to a file of approximately 45,000 characters while versions after this only exported scripts to a file of approximately 19,000 characters (using the same swf). I am happy to continue using version 14.1.0 but if this could be fixed in a future date that would be fantastic. Thank you.
Please attach your SWF. If you can't make it public, I can make the issue private if you want. Buf I can't fix anything without reproducing it on a SWF file.