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#1675 Internal viewer viewport/zoom bugs
Author: user STA20
Date created:
Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to:
State: upgraded Help

I see this is currently being worked on, decided to post so it has it's own issue #. This bug only appears in nightly builds after 14.3.1 (not in 14.3.1 stable or earlier). In nightly 1915 there is a problem with shapes/sprites centering, especially seen when using "Zoom to fit". Sometimes you can't drag-move the shape when it's zoomed enough, and need to zoom way more to be able to do it. Also shapes partially disappearing, possibly because of the new "don't render out-of-window" feature, but because of the wroing centering it doesn't know where the view window is. On a side note, this doesn't happen if using external viewer, though after flash EOL not many people can use that.
Please try nightly 1916, it might be better. If you still encountering problems, then please attach sample SWF file with shapes/sprites that don't work for you so I can reproduce it.
The centering is fixed; shapes in internal viewer work flawlessly now. I encountered some problems with sprites, difficult to reproduce or explain, will test it further.
Open the attached file, view Sprite 55, zoom in until you can move it, then try dragging it around.
Downloadtest.swf (5 KiB)
This should be fixed in nightly 1923.
State: new→upgraded
Shapes and sprites work now. Still if you preview the flash itself and zoom in enough (or decrease FFDEC's window size), the mouth disappears.
The mouth should be fixed in nightly 1925.
I can't find any more bugs related to this issue. Now internal viewer seems quite robust (if slow). Good job. Probbaly still worth leaving this open for more testing.