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#1681 Creating packages after clicking on a subfolder
Author: user BiosNod
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Type: feature
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Labels: Adding scriptAS3
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Creating packages after clicking on a subfolder Hello, not so long ago a new feature was added - add your own packages (at this issue / But they can only be created by right-clicking on the folder "scripts". After that, you need to write the full path, separating the attachments with dots. Is it possible to create packages after clicking on a subfolder? And so that you can right-click to create another inside the newly created package path... Can JPEXS allow in the future to add your scripts after clicking on an ALREADY existing folder and not only on the "scripts" folder?
In nightly 1931 you can right click AS3 package and hit "Add class", and the package will be preselected in the Add class dialog. I might add something similar for AS1/2 later...
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Well it's a pity that only for AS1/2, now I add AS3 via "scripts", I use add packages only to AS3 old flash games but thanks a lot anyway, maybe someday there will be full support for AS3 add class via click on subfolders) Thank you for this opportunity, I will wait for years if required))
I think you misunderstood me. I implemented it now for AS3 (try it - download nightly version 1931), AS1/2 is not implemented yet.
No, no, I understand everything, I already use adding AS3 classes after version 1931, it's just inconvenient for me to manually write long package names in the add window. I would like to add on click to existing package paths. For example, I need to create a script "controlles/startMenu/artifacts/Config.as3", path "controlles/startMenu/artifacts" already exists in swf and I just want to right click on "artifacts" subfolder (on left tree) and write only "Config.as3" and JPEXS will create it on "controlles/startMenu/artifacts/Config.as3", I hope I explained more clearly now)
And I am telling you that this feature is already implemented. Or you don't see the "Add class" menuitem? See attached screenshots.
That's it! OMG Sorry, for now I downloaded latest nigtly and it works, this was implemented very recently and I thought I had the last nightly build, excuse me again, the question can be considered closed
No problem. Okay, I am closing this.
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