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#1687 rough speed of SWF decompiling
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Type: bug
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hi. i just got this decompiler recently, so im blind on some issues that may or may not occur while using it. that being said, ive been trying to decompile a file that weights roughly 85mb. but it takes *ridiculously* long. so here i am, wondering: is there a specific speed at which FFDec works at? oh and for anyone curious, ill attach the file below if you dont mind. please tell me how long will take for the file to decompile, maybe its just my CPU playing wild tricks on me. thank you!
Downloadgacha_clubPC.swf (85,154 KiB)
Hi, the problem should be fixed in nightly 1933. (You can download nightly on ) Also, if you want to properly decompile script gacha_clubPC_fla/MainTimeline, method changelanguage, you need to increase limit of subs in Advanced settings. (Advanced settings / Limits / Limit of code subs)
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Type: question→bug
god, it finally works! dunno why it had to go as far as to go on forums to create a report, but it is what it is. thank you.
You're welcome. It's good that you reported it, otherwise it won't be ever fixed since this kind of bug shows up only on some specific SWFs.
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