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#1688 cant import freshly exported (or any) script
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the vid explains it all, i have no clue why it doesnt work
It's directory selection dialog, you must select a directory. A directory which contains "scripts" folder, e.g. directory you just exported to. If you want to edit single script, you are supposed to use "Edit" button under the script window when you select it in the tree. Or you can edit P-code on the right side. "Import scriptS" should be used only when you want to bulk import many scripts. (Which you previously exported, since it only imports scripts with same names that exist in the SWF)
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i dont think i get it... whats wrong with the "scripts" folder i just exported to? it has the same name right? btw actionscript cant be reliably edited in the decompiler and id like to avoid pcode if possible
If you want to import scripts to your SWF, you need to select folder "D:\frame62". So in the video in time 00:32 you have opened the folder selection dialog and "D:\frame62" is selected - then in this exact moment you must press "Open" button on the bottom. The decompiler then finds "scripts" folder inside and import all scripts to their proper location - location that matches the directory structure. Ad "actionscript cant be reliably edited" "Import scripts" command uses same script compiler as "Edit" button under the script window so there's no way to make it "more reliable". It's the same, the only difference is that it does not produce warning message that it's experimental, but in fact, it is. It is the same compiler.
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oh ok. thought externally editing actionscript and then reimporting it would circumvent that... shame. thanks for the help anyway kind of an unrelated question but if i were to export the file to fla, edit that with flash pro, and then reconvert it to swf, could that work out?
Export to FLA and compiling scripts to SWF with FLA editor may circumvent the script compiler problem, but there might be another problems - in some cases the FLA produced / scripts decompiled by our decompiler is not so good to be compilable by FLA editor. It should work... but sometimes it is not. So chances that after FLA export and then compiling to SWF you get same working SWF file are let's say "not very high". Best strategy I would recommend for any editing is: do smallest possible steps that may break and always verify result. Editing p-code is such small change. Editing single actionscript is larger step. Exporting FLA and try to compile back is even larger step.
i see. yeah, been fiddling with that for over a year now, it's serviceable, i was just wondering if theres an alternative bc pcode is rather painful to use. oh well, ill manage either way, can i just say how amazing you guys are? i mean, after all these years youre still here to help the few remaining ppl for free, even now that flash is off. i never expected to get quality answers so fast. mad respect!